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Use a Pace Data Logger for Temperature, Pressure, Current, Voltage, Relative Humidity and more.  Mix and match sensors.  No external power required.  Multi-year battery life.  Free software with free lifetime updates - since 1992.

XR5-SE Data Logger (up to 8 sensors or signals and 3 pulse/frequency inputs).

XR440 Pocket Logger (up to 4 sensors or signals).

XR440 Data Logger with Pocket Logger Software screen shot of a temperature and relative humidity data logging session.

XR440 Data Logger with screen shot of a graph and a pop-up menu.

Our easy-to-use Pocket Logger Software for the XR440 (above) handles data logger setup, data transfer and graphing. The full version is available for free download.

LogXR Software for the eleven channel XR5-SE Data Logger is a free download (full version) for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux based computers.

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