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XR440 Data Logger


Number of Channels
Four (4).    Note: eight (8) channel XR5 Data Logger specs are here

Memory technology
EEProm; memory backup power not required, over 200 year data retention.

Inputs Accepted
All PACE sensors and probes, 0-5vdc, 2-wire resistance (30k ohm midpoint), 3-wire potentiometer (>1k ohm), switch closure. Inputs auto-configure for sensor or input range selected in software. Sensors, probes and input signal types can be mixed in any combination, except PM-1 Pulse Module which is available on channel 4 only.

Additional input ranges of +/-5vdc, 0-10vdc, 0-20vdc, 0-30vdc, 0-60vdc and 4-20ma are available using the Input Scaling Module.

Additional input ranges of 11mv, 22mv, 107mv, 0-20mv, 0-50mv, and 0-500mv are available using a Thermocouple / Millvolt Module.

Starting Modes (3)
Start immediate, Start at pre-set time and date, Start on Ch1 Trigger*.

Recording Modes (3)
Record continuously, Record until memory is full, Record until Ch1 Stop Trigger*.

*If Channel 1 is set for a temperature probe or a switch closure (using Pocket Logger Software), the terminal block can be plugged in to start and/or unplugged to end a logging session (a switch closure can do the same). Ch1 may be set to 'OFF' to maximize memory capacity of 'ON' channels.

NOTE: The Start/Stop Trigger function is a 'one time only' start and/or a 'one time only' stop for a given logging session.

Sampling Rates (20)
2, 4, 6, 10, 20, 30 seconds; 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes; 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 hours. Timing accuracy: 2 min. / month for 10 sec. - 12 hr. rates;
Timing accuracy for 2, 4, & 6 sec. rates is 30% if memory is in wrap-around mode, otherwise accuracy is 2 min. / month.

Fast Sampling Rates(8)
200/sec, 100/sec, 50/sec, 20/sec, 10/sec, 5/sec, 2/sec, 1/sec. Note: While recording at fast sampling rates, communication with a PC is not available until logging has stopped. Timing accuracy: 0.5%.

Sampling Modes (3)
Single Point, Average (accumulate readings every 2 seconds; compute and store average value at preset sample time), Pulse Counting (channel 4 only, requires PM-1 Pulse Module).

Text blocks (5)
The XR440 Data Logger accepts custom labels for each channel and the logging session. These labels display on the status screen, real time screen, all created graphs and ASCII files.

Real Time Display Mode
XR440 input channel values (in engineering units) are updated every 2 seconds (while connected to a PC running Pocket Logger Software). Real Time Display Mode does not affect any ongoing logging session.

Real Time Clock
Counts seconds, minutes, hours, day of week, month, date of month, and year with leap year compensation.
Clock accuracy: Better than +/- 2 min. per month at 25C.

Replaceable 9 volt lithium battery. Battery life: Estimated 2 - 3 years. A standard 9 volt alkaline battery can also be used (est. life: 15 months). Actual battery voltage displays on PC (when logger is connected to a PC running Pocket Logger Software).

Impact-resistant ABS plastic case.

4.70" by 2.40" by .95"
120 mm x 61 mm x 24 mm.

6 ounces; 156 grams (includes battery).

Operating ambient temperature range
-40C to 60C. (-40F to 140F).

Operating ambient humidity range
0 to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing).

Serial RS232C. Baud Rates: 9600 or 19.2k baud. Data and status transfers to PC (and real time display mode) do not affect any ongoing logging session.

Interface Cable
Terminations: 9 pin D-Sub female (connects to PC); 3.5mm stereo phone plug (connects to Pocket Logger). Length: 6 feet; 1.8 meters. (Part No. IC209)

Recommended sensor cable
Two, three, or four conductor, 22 - 24 gage, stranded copper.

Maximum resistive probe cable length
Using 24 gage shielded cable: 500 feet (150 meters). Greater cable lengths are possible using heavier gage cable.

Input connection
Removable screw-type terminal block.

Input impedance
Greater than 5 megohms (while sampling).

Input protection
Over/under voltage protection on all inputs: 40 amps peak 8/20 microseconds.

CE approved to EN50081-1 (RF emissions) and EN50082-1 (ESD and RF immunity) using any combination of CE approved PACE sensors or probes with standard lead lengths. All PACE Sensors and Probes are CE approved except the following: PACE SC series AC Current Sensors, PACE SV series AC Voltage Sensors.

Not required; Accuracy specifications are maintained without user adjustment. Contains no adjustable components. An NIST traceable Validation Certificate is included with each XR440 Data Logger. An accuracy validation procedure is included in the Pocket Logger Software's online help.

Pulse Counting (using PM-1 Pulse Module):
Maximum Rate: 5 pulses per second
Minimum Closure: 30 milliseconds
Maximum Pulses (see below)

Resolution dependent specifications

The XR440 can be set to 12, 10 or 8 bit resolution. Selecting a lower resolution increases the number of readings which can be stored in the XR440's memory.

12 bit resolution
Memory capacity XR440: 21,504 readings

XR440-M: 86,016 readings

Voltage input accuracy 0.25% F.S. (0-5 vdc)
Temperature accuracy (logger + PACE probe) 0.15C from 0 to 40C (0.27F from 32 to 104F)
  0.3C from -25 to 85C (0.55F from -13 to 185F)
Resolution 12 bits; 0.025% of F.S. (0-5vdc)
  0.025C from 0 to 40C
  0.063C or better -25 to 75C
  0.125C or better -45 to 100C
Max pulses / sample interval 4095 (with PM-1 Pulse Module)


10 bit resolution
Memory capacity XR440: 25,800 readings

XR440-M: 103,200 readings

Voltage input accuracy 0.32% F.S. (0-5 vdc)
Temperature accuracy (logger + PACE probe) 0.22C from 0 to 40C (0.4F from 32 to 104F)
  0.5C from -25 to 85C (0.9F from -13 to 185F)
Resolution 10 bits; 0.1% of F.S. (0-5 vdc)
  0.1C from 0 to 40C
  0.25C or better -25 to 75C
  0.5C or better -45 to 100C
Max pulses / sample interval 1023 (with PM-1 Pulse Module)


8 bit resolution
Memory capacity XR440: 32,256 readings

XR440-M: 129,024 readings

Voltage input accuracy 0.65% F.S. (0-5 vdc)
Temperature accuracy (logger + PACE probe) 0.65C from 0 to 40C (1.2F from 32 to 104F)
  1.0C from -25 to 75C (1.8F from -13 to 167F)
Resolution 8 bits; 0.4% of F.S. (0-5 vdc)
  0.4C from 0 to 40C
  1C or better -25 to 75C
  2C or better -45 to 100C
Max pulses / sample interval 255 (with PM-1 Pulse Module)

What does 8, 10 and 12 bit mean?

XR440 Data Logger, Description and Pricing

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