LogXR Software 64 bit Windows

Installation Notes

1) If LogXR V1.01.84 or earlier is installed on your computer:

The installer asks if you want to update the existing installation.  We recommend selecting "No, install to a different directory", click Next and Browse and select "Program Files" (not "Program Files (x86)").

If you select "Yes, update existing installation", the installer will use the directory of the previous LogXR installation.  Click the "?" icon (beside "Yes, update to the existing installation") to see the directory that the installer will use if you select "Yes, update existing installation".

You can install and run LogXR 64 bit from the x86 directory, but it is not the recommended way to store your Program files..  The Program Files folder is intended to hold 64 bit applications, and Program Files (x86) is intended to hold 32 bit applications.  The two folders are there so you can store your 32 bit and 64 bit programs in an organized way.

2) As with all LogXR installations, your data files and configuration settings are not lost, whether installing to an existing directory or to a new directory.

3) If your computer has a 64 bit Windows OS but not Windows 11, you can install and run both versions of LogXR on your computer if you desire.  But once you run the 64 bit version, there is really no benefit to running the 32 bit version (compared to the 64 bit version, the 32 bit version is slower).  Both versions share the same LogXR data and configuration folders (sub-folders of [user login]/Pace).

4) This is the only version that will run on Windows 11 (Install file name begins with LogXR-Win64).

5) To verify the LogXR version you are running, click Help | About, and look at the 2nd line from the bottom:

"Processor Architecture: amd64": 64 bit version.

"Processor Architecture: x86": 32 bit version.