Due to supply issues, XR5 Series Data Loggers will not be available until late August 2023.

XR5-SE Data Logger

Miniature XR5 Data Logger with 8 analog and 3 pulse inputs, multi-year battery life with any combination of sensors.

The XR5-SE Data Logger simplifies data logging setup and operation.

  • Compatible with over 60 sensors stocked at Pace.
  • Also compatible with many 3rd-party sensors.
  • All Pace sensors require no external power.

The XR5-SE has 8 multi-range analog inputs, 3 pulse/frequency inputs, and millivolt / thermocouple range options.

Features include sensor excitation, average and peak sampling, memory capacity of up to 260,250 readings (-M models) and real time data output.

Logging modes include delayed start, wrap-around, cycle, log on alarm, and log on external trigger.

Battery life is 2 to 4 years for typical applications.


pdf icon XR5-SE User's Guide  [posted June 24, 2022]

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XR5-SE Sensors & Accessories


Free XR5 Software


Features of the XR5-SE Data Logger


Eight (8) Multi-function Inputs

Compatible sensors (mix and match) with no external power

Temperature Probes
Pressure Transducers
AC Current Sensors
DC Current Sensors
AC Voltage Sensors
DC Voltage Sensors
Relative Humidity Probe
Solar Radiation Sensor
Wind Direction Sensor
Switch closure
Resistance (2-wire)
Thermistor (10k or 30k)
Plus the following electrical signals:
0-5 Vdc (10 megohm input impedance)
0-2.5 Vdc (10 megohm input impedance)
4-20ma (requires shunt resistor or Pace Scaling Cable)

Sensor Excitation

The XR5-SE includes 5.0 Vdc and 2.5 Vdc sensor excitation terminals.

Excitation time is selectable from 30 milliseconds to 10 seconds.

Pulse Inputs

The sensors below connect to one of three (3) pulse inputs

Wind Speed Sensor

Tipping Bucket Rain Gage

Watt Hour Transducer

Additional DC Voltage Ranges

Each analog input can be set to any range below using a Pace Scaling Cable

0 - 10 Vdc +/-2.5 Vdc -7.5 to 12.5 Vdc
0 - 15 Vdc +/-5.0 Vdc -12.5 to 17.5 Vdc
0 - 20 Vdc -2.5 to 7.5 Vdc -27.5 to 32.5 Vdc
0 - 30 Vdc 0 - 60 Vdc -57.6v to 62.6 Vdc


Millivolt / Thermocouple Option

A Millivolt Option adds two millivolt ranges to each analog input, and all XR5-SE features and range selections are retained.

Model Millivolt Range A Millivolt Range B
Range Resolution Range Resolution
XR5-SE-20mV 0-10 mV 2.4 uV 0-20 mV 4.8 uV
XR5-SE-50mV 0-25 mV 6 uV 0-50 mV 12 uV
XR5-SE-100mV 0-50 mV 12 uV 0-100 mV 24 uV
XR5-SE-250mV 0-125 mV 30 uV 0-250 mV 61 uV
XR5-SE-500mV 0-250 mV 61 uV 0-500 mV 122 uV
XR5-SE-1000mV 0-500 mV 122 uV 0-1000 mV 244 uV

The -20mv or -50mv option is recommended for Thermocouple applications.  The -20mv option provides higher thermocouple accuracy.  The -50mv option provides higher temperature ranges for some thermocouples.  See pages 97-101 of the XR5-SE User's Guide for details.  Pace stocks the PT450 Thermocouple Probe for thermocouple applications.

Millivolt option dash number Additional range selections available for each analog channel
-20mV 0-10 mV and 0-20 mV
-50mV 0-25 mV and 0-50 mV
-100mV 0-50 mV and 0-100 mV
-250mV 0-125 mV and 0-250 mV
-500mV 0-250 mV and 0-500 mV
-1000mV 0-500 mV and 0-1000 mV

Models and Pricing

Model Price   Model Price
XR5-SE $479.   XR5-SE-M $499.
XR5-SE-20mV $549.   XR5-SE-M-20mV $569.
XR5-SE-50mV $549.   XR5-SE-M-50mV $569.
XR5-SE-100mV $549.   XR5-SE-M-100mV $569.
XR5-SE-250mV $549.   XR5-SE-M-250mV $569.
XR5-SE-500mV $549.   XR5-SE-M-500mV $569.
XR5-SE-1000mV $549.   XR5-SE-M-1000mV $569.

All models have eight (8) multi-range analog inputs and three (3) pulse inputs.  Models in left column can store 63,642 readings.  Models in right column (-M models) can store 260,250 readings.  Models with a millivolt option (-mV) have two millivolt range selections for each analog channel (while retaining all XR5-SE ranges and features) and include an internal precision temperature sensor (12th channel).

XR5-SE compared to XR450 Data Logger

Weatherproof Enclosures



Required accessory
IC209 Interface Cable (listed below) for setup and data transfers.

Each XR-SE Data Logger includes batteries (2), terminal block and NIST Traceable Certificate of Validation.  LogXR Software included with each order.

Pace Data Loggers are backed by a 3 year limited warranty.  Accessories (sensors, probes, etc.) are backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

Interconnect Cables

Part No. Price Description
IC209 Required $20. Connects XR5 to computer's com port. Length 6 ft (1.8 meters)
USB-A Adapter $25. Mates IC209 Cable to USB port
IC211 Modem Cable $24. Connects XR5 to land-line modem. Contact Pace for recommended modem.
ICE-12FT $12. Extends IC209 or IC211 Cable 12 ft (3.7 meters)

Domestic Price List for USA, Canada, Mexico

Export Price List for overseas orders

Placing an Order

Driver for Pace USB-to-Serial Adapter: USB-A


Previously purchased XR5-SE models can be upgraded with a millivolt option and/or -M memory option for a nominal charge.  Contact Pace for details.


Data Logging Applications


Resources for Discontinued Products

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