Temperature Data Logging

XR5-SE multichannel data logger

XR5-SE Data Logger - log up to 8 temperatures

XR440 multichannel datalogger

XR440 Data Logger - log up to 4 temperatures

High Precision Temperature Logging

Pace PT900 Series Temperature Probes provide a total system accuracy of ±0.15°C for temperatures between 0 and 40°C and ±0.3°C at -25°C and 85°C.

Wide selection of Probes

Pace PT9xx series Temperature Probes - Pace Scientific

Pace PT900 Series Temperature Probes (pictured above) are stocked in a variety of sizes.  Pace Data Loggers are also compatible with interchangeable 10k and 30k ohm thermistors.  For high temperature applications, an RTD Sensor rated for 260°C (500°F) is available (pictured below).  Thermocouples require a millivolt option (XR5-SE), or plug-in module (XR440).

PT510 RTD Temperature Sensor for Pace Scientific Data Loggers

Other Compatible Sensors

Either data logger also connects to a variety of precision sensors, including Humidity, Pressure, AC Current, AC Voltage, DC Current, DC Voltage, Light and more, plus resistances, DC Voltages, and contact closures.

Stand Alone Operation

Pace Data Loggers and connected sensors require no connection to a computer or external power.

Real Time Strip Chart Display

XR440 and XR5 Software (both free) include a real time "Strip Chart" graph display, to trend readings in real time while the data logger is simultaneously recording data.

Excel Compatible Data

XR440 and XR5 Data Files can open directly in Excel.

Log only if a pre-set level is exceeded

With the XR5-SE Data Logger, high or low "alarm" levels may be entered for any channel.  If "Log on Alarms" is selected, readings are logged only when a pre-set level is exceeded.

Wireless Communications Link

Communicate to a Pace Data Logger without wires.  The WTP-100 Wireless Link enables wireless communication from your computer to a Pace Data Logger.

Long Battery Life

Pace Data Loggers will log readings for over 3 years for typical temperature logging setups.  Recorded data is preserved if battery power is lost.

Rugged Enclosures

Provide protection from outdoor and hostile environments: XR5 Cases  XR440 Cases.

Expert Assistance

Contact Pace to discuss your logging application.