Reading DC Voltages

The Pace XR450 and XR5-SE Data Logger can read voltages beyond their native input ranges (0-5 Vdc) using non-isolated Scaling Cables (voltage dividers).

Reading DC Voltages without Isolation

Pace incorporates precision divider networks in the Input Scaling Module (XR450 only) and in Scaling Cables which may be used with both data loggers to read voltages of up to 60 Vdc or bipolar +/-5 Vdc.

Millivolt signals


Plug-in Millivolt Modules are available to read ground referenced dc millivolt signals with a range of 0-50 mV or 0-500 mV.


Optional built-in uni-polar millivolt ranges (ground referenced) are available.  Ranges from 0-10 mV to 0-1000 mV.

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