Reading DC Voltages

The Pace XR440 and XR5-SE Data Logger can read voltages beyond their native input ranges (0-5 Vdc) using passive voltage dividers.  Pace incorporates precision divider networks in the Input Scaling Module (XR440 only) and in Scaling Cables which may be used with both data loggers.

0-5 Vdc signals


If a channel is set to 'Linear Scale', the input range is 0-5 Vdc.  Set Lo value to 0 and Hi value to 5 to read actual dc volts.


Input range selections (per channel) includes 0-2.5 or 0-5 Vdc.  Set Slope to 1 and the Offset to 0 to read actual dc volts.

Signals up to 60 Vdc

Reading voltages above 5 Vdc or negative voltages requires an Input Scaling Module (XR440 only) or Scaling Cable.

Millivolt signals


Plug-in Millivolt Modules are available to read ground referenced unipolar and bipolar dc millivolt signals, from ±11 mv to 0-500 mv.


Optional built-in uni-polar millivolt ranges (ground referenced) are available.  Ranges from 0-10 mv to 0-1000 mv.

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