Input Scaling Module

Input Scaling Module for XR440 / XR450 Data Logger accepts 0-10 Vdc and ±5 Vdc signals

Input Scaling Module

A plug-in miniature input scaler and terminal block for use in place of the XR440 or XR450 Data Logger's detachable terminal block.  Enables the XR440 or XR450 Data Logger to accept a wide range of "high level" input signals.

Note:  An Input Scaling Module is not required if you are only connecting Pace Sensors, 0-5 Vdc signals, 2-wire resistance signals or potentiometers to the XR440 or XR450 Data Logger.

For millivolt signals, Thermocouple / Millivolt Modules are available.

For isolated voltage sensing, Pace stocks DC Voltage Sensors.

Available Input Ranges

Specify 4 ranges from the list below (mix and match), one for each channel
Input Range Dash Number
-5.0 to +5.0 V -5b
0 to 10.0 V -10v
0 to 20.0 V -20v
0 to 30.0 V -30v
0 to 60.0 V -60v
4-20 ma (also 0-20 ma) -20m
'Standard' input (for all PACE sensors and 0-5 Vdc signals) -S

Module scaling is fixed at the factory and must be specified when ordering.  Channels specified as '-S' are 'standard' channels and will accept Pace Sensors and 0-5 Vdc signals.

Example Part Numbers


Input Scaling Module with Channels 1 and 3 set for 'standard' (0-5 Vdc or Pace Sensor), Channel 2 set for 0-10 Vdc, and Channel 4 set for 4-20 ma.


Input Scaling Module with Channels 1 and 2 set for ±5 Vdc, Channel 3 set for 0-10 Vdc, and Channel 4 set for 0-20 Vdc.

Ordering Tip:  Specify Channel 1 as -S (standard input) in order to use the External Start/Stop Trigger feature that is available on the XR450 Data Logger.

The Input Scaling Module adds 0.36" to the XR450 Data Logger's overall length.  Overall width and height are unchanged.


Detaching the Input Scaling Module restores the XR450 to its 'Standard' input configuration.

4-20 ma Current Loop
Any XR450 Data Logger standard input can be converted to a 4-20 ma input by connecting a series resistor to the logger's terminal block.  (A connection diagram is provided in Pocket Logger Software's Help system).  When you specify an Input Scaling Module with one or more 20 ma channels, a precision (low tempco, 0.1% tolerance) 249 ohm resistor is built into the Scaling Module for each 20 ma channel specified.

Input Impedance:  All voltage ranges:  Approximately 100k ohms.

Size:  1.6" wide x 0.75" deep x 0.55" high (41mm wide x 19mm deep x 14mm high)

Part No:  ISM-x-x-x-x*

* Substitute Dash Number from the table above for each channel (1-2-3-4). For example, ISM-S-S-5b-5b specifies an Input Scaling Module with 'Standard' inputs for channels 1 and 2 and ±5 Vdc inputs for channels 3 and 4 (other examples above).

Price:  $75.

Note: All references to the XR450 Data Logger (above) apply to the XR440 Data Logger.

XR450 Data Logger

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