Rainfall Sensor

RS-110 Rainfall Sensor - Pace Scientific

RS-110 / RS-120 Rainfall Sensor

  • High accuracy rain gage

  • No external power required

  • Self-emptying tipping-bucket design

  • Forty foot (12 meter) cable

  • Easily mounts to pole, post or flat surface

  • Reads rainfall in inches or millimeters


Rain enters the top of the sensor and passes through a debris-filtering screen.  It then collects in one of two tipping buckets.  When accumulated rainfall equals 0.01 inches (RS-120) or 0.2 mm (RS-110) the bucket tips, a pulse is output and the second bucket moves into position.  Water exits the sensor through screened drains in the sensor’s base.  The sensor’s signal cable connects directly to a pulse input on the XR5-SE Data Logger.


The RS-110 / RS-120 is designed for years of accurate, trouble-free service. Body and base are constructed of tough, UV resistant plastic; the tipping buckets pivot on bearings, minimizing friction and wear.  Stainless steel adjustment screws under each tipping bucket allow fine-tuning the sensor’s calibration.  A built-in bubble level simplifies installation.


RS-110 / RS120 Specifications

Type Tipping bucket activates magnetic reed switch
Resolution (rainfall per pulse)

RS-110: 0.2 mm

RS-120: 0.01 inches


For rates up to 2"/hr (50.0 mm/hr): ±4% or ±0.008" (0.2 mm) whichever is greater.

For rates from 2"/hr (50.0 mm/hr) to 4"/hr (100.0 mm/hr): ±5%.

Attached Cable
Length 40 ft (12 meter)
Type 2-conductor, 26 AWG, unshielded
Termination Stripped and tinned leads
Maximum cable length (if user extended) 500 ft (See "Extending RS-110's cable" below)
Housing material UV-resistant ABS plastic
Collection area 33.2 square inches (214 square cm)
Overall Dimensions 9.25" wide x 10.25" high x 11" deep (23.5 x 26 x 28 cm)

3 lbs. 3 oz. (1.45 kg)

(includes hardware and cable)

Pulse Output
Minimum pulse width 30 ms
Pulse origin Normally open contact closure (reed switch)

Extending the Rainfall Sensor's cable

If the cable supplied with the Rainfall Sensor is not long enough for your application, it may be extended with 22 gage, two conductor copper cable.  Maximum length is 500 ft (150 meters).

Installation Guide [PDF File, posted February 2024]

Part No: RS-110    Domestic (USA) Price: $160. Export price: $176.

Part No: RS-120    Domestic (USA) Price: $160. Export price: $176.

XR5-SE Data Logger

pdf icon  XR5-SE User's Guide

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