Please note, Pace DC Current Sensors have been discontinued.

DC Current Sensors

Connect directly to any XR450 or XR5-SE Data Logger.  No external power is required.

  • Single 5 Vdc supply, consumes less than 14 ma
  • 2 kVRMS Isolation (some models 3 kVRMS)
  • Very low internal resistance
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Rugged epoxy encapsulated housing
  • 3 meter (10 FT) cable
DC Current Sensor, 5v powered, voltage output - Pace Scientific

DC100A Current Sensor (±100 amps dc)

Specifications - DC Current Sensors

Output error ±1% of full scale at 25°C
Zero offset ±0.15% of F.S. maximum (-40 to 80°C)
Temperature effect on span ±0.04% of F.S. per °C (maximum)
Response time 2 milliseconds (dc current change from 10% to 90% of full scale).
Isolation voltage 3 kVRMS minimum (current terminals to signal cable lead wires)
Internal resistance 0.25 milliohm
Surge rating 900 amps  for 1 second pulse, 1% maximum duty cycle for repetitive pulses.
Power requirements 5 Vdc (±10%), 13 ma maximum, supplied by Pace Data Logger
Output signal vs supply voltage Output signal is ratiometric to supply voltage
Warm-up time 10 milliseconds (time from power applied until output signal is valid).
Output signal Linear 0.5 - 4.5 Vdc  (0 amps = 2.5 Vdc)
Signal cable leads Three: Ground, +5 V supply, Signal output.
Signal cable color code Black: Ground, White: 5 Vdc Power, Green: Output
Signal cable length 10 ft (3 meter)
Signal cable diameter 0.165 inch (4.19 mm)
Signal cable conductors 22 AWG stranded copper
Operating temperature range -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F)
Overall size (including DC current studs and mounting flanges) 3.50" long, 2.55" wide, 1.50" high

89 mm x 65 mm x 38 mm high

DC current terminals Two 1/4-20 aluminum studs, with nuts and lock washers.  Suitable for ring terminals (ring terminals not supplied).
Mounting holes Two 0.19"dia. holes, 3.0" O.C.


The XR450 Data Logger and the XR5-SE Data Logger may power up to three (3) DC Current Sensors.  Some combinations of sensors may reduce the above count by 1, please contact Pace with your requirements to confirm.

The discontinued XR440 Data Logger may power up to two (2) DC Current Sensors.

Note: If sensors are powered by an external power source, then there is no limitation: up to four (4) may be connected to the XR450 and up to eight (8) may be connected to the XR5-SE.

Part No. Range Price $US
DC100A ±100 amps dc


DC150A ±150 amps dc


DC200A ±200 amps dc


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