Voltage Data Logging

XR5-SE multichannel data logger

XR5-SE Data Logger - log up to 8 AC or DC voltages

XR440 multichannel datalogger

XR440 Data Logger - log up to 4 AC or DC voltages

Self-powered AC Voltage Sensor with 0-5 volt output - Pace Scientific

SV300 AC Voltage Sensor (range 0-300 Vac)

Record AC Voltages

Pace self-powered AC Voltage Sensors are available in two models: The SV300 reads voltages from 24 to 300 VAC.  The SV600 reads voltages from 24 to 600 VAC.

Record DC Voltages

Pace Scaling Cables can be used to log voltages up to 60 Vdc and also negative voltages.  Reading millivolt signals requires either a millivolt option (XR5-SE) or an Mvt plug-in module (XR440).  See Reading DC Voltages for details.


Mix and match voltage ranges in any combination of up to 4 (XR440) or up to 8 (XR5-SE).

Long Battery Life

Pace Data Loggers will log voltage readings and other signals and sensors for a minimum of 2 years (for most logging configurations), on a user-replaceable battery.

Strip Chart Display

When connected to a computer running our free LogXR or Pocket Logger Software, a real time "Strip Chart" graph may be displayed.  The real time graph does not interfere with any currently active logging session.

Other Sensors

Either data logger also connects to a variety of additional sensors, including Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, AC Current, DC Current, Light and more.  Mix and match the above sensors, plus resistances and contact closures.

Expert Assistance

Please Contact Pace to discuss your logging application.