Voltage Data Logging

XR5-SE multichannel data logger

XR5-SE Data Logger - log up to 8 AC or DC voltages

XR440 multichannel datalogger

XR440 Data Logger - log up to 4 AC or DC voltages

Record AC Voltages

Pace self-powered AC Voltage Sensors are available in two models: The SV300 reads voltages from 24 to 300 VAC.  The SV600 reads voltages from 24 to 600 VAC.

Self-powered AC Voltage Sensor with 0-5 volt output - Pace Scientific

AC Voltage Sensor

Record DC Voltages

All Pace Data Loggers accept 0-5 Vdc signals on all channels.

Use Pace DC Voltage Sensors to read voltages as high as 74 Vdc.

Read additional DC Voltage Ranges using Pace Scaling Cables.

Millivolt signals require a millivolt option (XR5-SE) or Mvt plug-in module (XR440).  See Reading DC Voltages for details.

Isolated DC Voltage Sensors, front view

DC Voltage Sensors


Mix and match voltage ranges in any combination of up to 4 (XR440) or up to 8 (XR5-SE).

Long Battery Life

Pace Data Loggers will log voltage readings and other signals and sensors for a minimum of 2 years (for most logging configurations), on a user-replaceable battery.

Strip Chart Display

When connected to a computer running our free LogXR or Pocket Logger Software, a real time "Strip Chart" graph may be displayed.  The real time graph does not interfere with any currently active logging session.

Other Sensors

All Pace Data Loggers connect to a variety of other sensors, including Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, AC Current, DC Current, Light and more.  Mix and match the above sensors, plus directly read resistances, 0-5 Vdc signals, and contact closures.

Pulse Signals

The XR5-SE Data Logger includes 3 pulse inputs for logging data from WattHour Sensors, Gas and Water Meters, flowmeters, and other devices that output a pulse-based signal.

The XR440 Data Logger requires a PM-1 Pulse Module to log pulse based signals.

Expert Assistance

Please Contact Pace to discuss your logging application.