AC Current Data Logging

XR450 Data Logger

XR450 Data Logger - log up to 4 AC currents

XR5-SE multichannel data logger

XR5-SE Data Logger - log up to 8 AC currents

Self-powered split-core AC Current Sensors with dc voltage output

Split-core AC Current Sensors stocked in 8 ranges. All have 8 ft (2.4 meter) leads.

AC Current Recording

Pace AC Current Sensors are quick to install (split-core operation) and feature industry-leading sensitivity for low range measurements (other AC Current Sensors experience non-linear operation or loss of signal output below 10% of full scale).  Pace Data Loggers feature an averaging mode, which allows currents to be sampled every second (every 2.5 seconds for the XR450), and the precise average of all samples stored at the selected logging interval, which can be useful for power measurement studies.

Strip Chart Display

When connected to a computer running our free LogXR or Pocket Logger Software, a real time "Strip Chart" graph may be displayed.  The real time graph does not interfere with any currently active logging session.

Other Sensors

All Pace data loggers are compatible with over 60 sensors, including Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, AC Voltage and more.  Mix and match the above sensors, plus directly read resistances, dc voltages, and contact closures.

Long Battery Life

Pace Data Loggers will log readings with a full complement of sensors for over 2 years on a user-replaceable battery.

Rugged Enclosures

Provide protection from outdoor and hostile environments. XR450 Cases, XR5 Cases

Expert Assistance

Please Contact Pace to discuss your logging application.