Pressure Data Logging

XR450 Data Logger XR450 Data Logger - log up to 4 pressures

XR5-SE multichannel data logger XR5-SE Data Logger - log up to 8 pressures

P1600 Pressure Sensor with stainless steel 1/4 NPT male port - Pace Scientific Read and Record Pressures up to 14,500 Psi (1000 Bar)

P400 Air Pressure Sensor - Pace Scientific Read and Record Pressures as low as ± 2 inch H2O

Mix and Match Sensors In Any Combination

Available Pressure Ranges

Pictorial Overview - Pressure Sensors

Pressure Recording

The Pace XR440, XR450 or XR5-SE Data Logger may be used as multi-channel, portable pressure recorders for long or short term logging applications.  The XR5-SE Data Logger features a log-on-alarm mode which can fast-sample all connected pressure sensors, and record readings only when a pressure goes above or below a pre-set limit (set on one or more channels by the user).

Strip Chart Display

When connected to a computer running our free LogXR or Pocket Logger Software, a real time "Strip Chart" graph may be displayed.  The real time graph does not interfere with any currently active logging session.

Long Battery Life

Battery life depends on the logging configuration selected using Pace software and the connected sensors.  For example, battery life for the XR450 with 4 pressure pensors logging every 1 minute is 3 years.  With the XR5-SE Data Logger, logging eight pressure sensors with the log interval set for 1 minute, estimated battery life is over 2 years.

Other Sensors

Along with pressure logging, either Pace Data Logger will connect to a variety of precision probes, including Temperature, Humidity, AC Current, AC Voltage and more.  Mix and match the above sensors, plus resistances, dc voltages, and contact closures.

Use Any Unit of Pressure

Readings may be displayed and logged in any unit of pressure by converting the sensor's scaling values.  An online pressure converter is available for the XR440 / XR450 Data Logger and pressure converter for the XR5 Data Logger.

Rugged Enclosures

Provide protection from outdoor and hostile environments: XR450 Cases  XR5 Cases

XR450 Data Logger

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XR5-SE Data Logger

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