P400 Pressure Sensors

Connect directly to any XR440, XR450 or XR5-SE data logger; no external power required.

P350 Differential Air Pressure Sensor for Pace Data Loggers

P400-D-2-inch Pressure Sensor (±2 inches H2O)

Applications include Lab/Clean Room Pressurization, Filter Pressure, Fan Static Pressure.

Compatible pressure media: dry air and inert gases: nitrogen, helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon.

  • Pressure range as low as ± 2 inch H2O
  • Miniature Size
  • High Accuracy
  • Low Power

P400 Specifications

Combined Linearity, Hysteresis & Repeatability: ±0.25% of Span
Resolution: See table below
Operating Temperature Range:

±2 inch H2O range: -10 to 85°C (14 to 185°F)

Psi ranges: -25 to 90°C (-13 to 194°F)

Compensated Temperature Range:

±2 inch H2O range: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)

Psi ranges: -10 to 85°C (-4 to 185°F)

Total Error Band over compensated temperature range

±2 inch H20 Range: 2% of Span

Psi ranges: 1% of Span

Supply Voltage 4.75 to 5.25 Vdc
Power requirement: 3.5 ma at 5 Vdc (supplied by Pace data logger)
Output signal

0.5 to 4.5 Vdc at 5Vdc supply voltage.

Output is ratiometric to supply voltage.


White: E terminal of Pace logger (Power)

Green: Analog Input of Pace Logger (Signal)

Black: "C" terminal of Pace logger (Ground)

Burst Pressure: See table of available models (below).
Weight: 0.3 oz. (8 grams)
Physical: Epoxy encapsulated thermoplastic housing with three twisted leads, 18" length.
Pressure Ports: Ports accept 3/32" I.D. tubing (or 2.4 mm I.D. tubing).  Accepts 1/8" I.D. tubing (or 3.2 mm I.D. tubing) with included adapter kit (details below).
Suggested mounting methods: Use cable tie or Velcro® straps to secure pressure hoses near sensor housing.  Optional mounting base (see below)
Overall Size: 0.9" x 0.6" x 0.75" (23mm x 15mm x 19mm)

Included Adapters

Allows pressure connections to commonly available 1/8" I.D. tubing.  Consists of two 8" lengths of 3/23 I.D. tubing and two 3/32" I.D. to 1/8" I.D. nylon adapter fittings.  Adapters included with each P400 Pressure Sensor.

Measurement Resolution

P400 inch H2O range Resolution Units
± 2 inch H2O Differential (or 0-2 inch H2O Gauge) 0.0012 in. H2O
P400 PSI ranges Resolution Units

± 1 psi Differential (or 0-1 psi Gauge)

Alternate scaling: ±27.7 inch H2O




inch H2O

± 15 psi Differential (or 0-15 psi Gauge) 0.009 psi
± 30 psi Differential (or 0-30 psi Gauge) 0.018


0-15 psi Absolute 0.005 psi

P400 Pressure Sensors - Available Models

Part No. Range Burst Press.
P400-D-2-inch ± 2 inch H2O 10 psi

± 1 psi

± 27.7 inch H2O

20 psi
P400-D-15-psi ± 15 psi 45 psi
P400-D-30-psi ± 30 psi 90 psi
P400-A-15-psi 0 - 15 PSIA 90 psi

Price:  P400 (any range):    $180.

Use any Pressure Scale

P400 Sensors can be read in any pressure unit (psi, kPa, bar, etc.); see XR440 / XR450 Pressure Converter or XR5 Pressure Converter.

Differential / Gage Pressure

Models with "D" in part number can read Gage or Differential pressure.  To read Gage pressure, connect center port to pressure and leave remaining port unconnected (exposed to ambient pressure).

Differential Pressure readings will read as positive pressure when the center port has the higher pressure of the two ports.

Extension cable

The 18 inch leads on all P400 Pressure Sensors may be extended up to 100 FT (30 meters) by the user using three conductor 22 or 24 gage cable.  In electrically noisy environments we recommend using shielded cable.

P400 Air Pressure Sensor with attached tubing - Pace Scientific

Mounting Suggestions

Because the P400 is small and light, it can be held in place by fixing the signal cable and pressure tubing with a cable tie or hook and loop straps about an inch or so from the pressure ports.  A mounting base is also available (below). 


Optional Mounting Base

Sensor press fits into base.  Neoprene rubber pads grip sensor securely.  Base has two 0.184 dia mounting holes spaced 1.375 inches center to center.  Maximum temperature rating of base: 75°C (167°F)

Optional Mounting Base for P400 Pressure Sensor

Part Nbr: MB-4500  Price: $12.00

Compatible tubing

Commonly available 1/8" I.D. or 3.2 mm I.D. plastic tubing is compatible with the P400 using the included tubing adapters.

Tubing stocked at Pace

Clear 3/32" I.D.  tubing connects directly to all P350, P400, P450 and P600 Sensors.  Temperature range -40°C to 74°C (-40°F to 165°F).  5/32" (4 mm) O.D., minimum bend radius 3/8" (10 mm).  Maximum pressure 43 PSI.  Available in 25 FT (7.6 meter) rolls.

Part Nbr: T-332-25FT  Price: $10.00  25 ft (7.6 meter) roll

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