LogXR Software - Release History


Added fields to configure the DS100 Ethernet Module to communicate beyond its subnet.  To enable these fields, check Enable in Port | Options | Advanced Network Parameters.

Minor graphical improvements to Menus.

Updated User's Guide in Help.


Support added for ARMv8-A processor cores (Raspberry Pi 3)

Linux deb file added for installation on Linux Mint and Raspberry Pi 3

Updated User's Guide in Help


Bug fix: Wet bulb and dew point readings corrected when Fahrenheit scale was selected in Preferences

Minor improvements; Updated User's Guide in Help


Bug fix: LogXR Graph display, time axis


Windows 10 compatibility

Updated User's Guide in Help


Speed improvements: Transfer Data: Convert Binary to Text, Graph Data, Verify Data

Released Windows 64-bit version

Updated User's Guide in Help


Bug Fix: Thermocouple temperature readings


Bug Fix: (regression) Utilities | Change Unit ID

Graphing: Speed enhancement

Mac version: Signed to support Gatekeeper

Updated User's Guide in Help


Bug Fix: Communications problem with Windows 8.

Updated User's Guide in Help.


Communications: Fixed "Long packet" data transfers (select in Port | Options).  With Long packets selected, data transfers are about 50% faster using the Pace WTP-100 Wireless Link, and about 2.5 times faster if communicating via land-line modems using LogXR's Dial-up Scheduler.

Communications: Bug fix: "Cancel" clicked during data transfers could result in no response to additional commands until XR5 comm. timeout.

Multiple instances of LogXR can be launched, allowing (for example) Real Time Graphs from two XR5 Data Loggers to display simultaneously.  For Windows and Linux only (Mac OS X does not allow multiple instances of the same app).

Updated User's Guide in Help.


Data Files: UnitID can be prefixed to each line of readings in data files [Preferences: Data File Preferences].

Data Files: Unit ID can be prefixed to File Name for Auto generated File Names. [Preferences: Data File Names].

DS100 Ethernet Module: Enhanced setup communications for new version of module.

UI improvement to Ethernet Port Selection list window.

Graph: mouse pointer value displays appropriate # of fractional digits.

Pulse enhancement: added Totalize checkboxes for the pulse inputs in the Preferences screen.

Enhancement: allow Offset Adjustments for Temperature Probes/Sensors (select in Preferences).

Bug Fix: binary version of data files overwritten with text version in Ethernet Scheduler.

Updated User's Guide in Help.


Data Files and Real Time Text display: changed # decimal digits displayed for 0-5 V and 0-2.5 V input ranges, based on slope setting.

Data Files: expanded logic for appropriate # decimal digits for Data Files and Real Time Text display to include all millivolt scales for all millivolt models.

Pulses: Real Time mode now displays # pulses occurring over each update (2 secs typical) or Frequency if Frequency is checked in setup.  Real Time Pulse display was being cleared to 0 at end of each log interval and displayed raw pulse count. [requires Firmware 1.01.04 or higher]

Modem Scheduler: added File | Options: Common data folder, UnitID prefix to datafile name.

Improved UI for inputting UnitID.

Improved UI for inputting slope/offset on Pulse inputs.

Updated User's Guide in Help.


Bug fix: Data file header: If Frequency was set for ChX, Frequency was shown as active for ChY and ChZ .

Pulse enhancement: added Peak (wind speed burst) check box selector to Ch Y in Pulse setup Tab

Ethernet scheduler: added 2 check boxes:

    1) Auto launch Scheduler when LogXR is launched.

    2) Stop logging before data transfer (and start logging after transfer is complete) for automated Fast Logging data transfers.

Ethernet Scheduler: added auto incrementing LogFile when scheduler is auto-launched from LogXR startup.

Fixed bug: Updating firmware to rev > 1.00.99 would incorrectly bring up window for updating pre XR5-SE firmware.

Changed LogXR runtime properties from -Xms10m -Xmx128m to -Xms64m -Xmx256m

Bug fix: Mac: active graph hid Dock.

Bug fix: Mac: Ethernet Scheduler was not recognizing Mac USB serial ports.

Updated User's Guide in Help.


Changed Setup Screen "Full-Scale" & "Half-Scale" to "Full-Range" & "Half-Range"

Changed Real Time Text Screen "Half Scale" to "Half Range".

Minor changes to main menu labels and menu item order.

K cold Thermocouple table extended down to -260 C.

Bug fix: Linux: Ethernet Scheduler could not use Com ports, only Ethernet ports.

Updated User's Guide in Help.


First release with versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.