PT450 Probe for XR450 Data Logger

PT450 for XR5-SE Data Logger

PT450 Thermocouple Probe (Type J) with 3 meter cable for XR450 Data Logger

PT450 Thermocouple Probe

A maximum of one Thermocouple connects to an Mvt Module, which also accepts other sensors or voltage signals.

  • J Type Thermocouple
  • May be used with the Pace CF916-1/8 stainless steel compression fitting (see below).
  • 1/8" (3.2 mm) diameter probe provides fast response time
  • Ideal for high temperature measurements
  • 10 ft (3 meter) Teflon cable

The Pace PT450 Probe is an ungrounded Type J Thermocouple encased in a closed-end stainless steel tube.  A transition joint provides strain relief for the 10 ft (3 meter) Teflon cable.  Temperature range and resolution is dependent upon the Mvt Module selected (Mvt-11b, Mvt-22b or Mvt-50u).

Specifications - PT450

Thermocouple Type Type J
Maximum Temperature 760°C (1400°F) using Mvt-50u Module
Minimum Temperature -130°C (-202°F)
Sheath material 304 SS
Junction Ungrounded
Sheath diameter 0.125" (3.2 mm)
Sheath length 6" (152 mm)
Length: transition joint + strain relief 2.3" (58 mm)
Transition joint, maximum diameter 0.3" (8.6 mm)
Cable Teflon insulated, 24 AWG conductors
Cable length 10 ft (3 meter)
Overall length (less cable) 8.3" (211 mm)
Domestic Price: $70.


CF916-1/8 Compression Fitting

Bored-through stainless steel compression fitting for PT916 probe. 1/8 NPT male threads. 1.2 inches in length (30.5 mm).
Domestic Price: $18.

Mvt Thermocouple Modules

XR450 Data Logger

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