M31 Multiplexer

Pace M31 Multiplexer for the XR440 Pocket Logger A versatile, miniature communication module with connector jacks for three XR440 Data Loggers and one jack for a Modem or Wireless Data Link.

With one M31, up to three XR440 Data Loggers can be networked together. Up to 254 Data Loggers can be networked using additional M31 Multiplexers. Each additional M31 added to the network supports two additional XR440 Data Loggers. Pocket Logger Software provides full support for network communication.

The M31 is powered by a long-life lithium cell. Estimated battery life is more than 3 years under average use (3 full memory uploads per day).

Where the M31 is not required:

1) Multiple XR440's connected to a single computer using an IC209 Cable and USB-A Adapter for each XR440 does not require the M31 Multiplexer.

2) A single XR440 connected to a dial-up modem does not require the M31 Multiplexer.

M31 Specifications

Communication mode Full-duplex RS232C
Baud rates supported Auto-adapts to all XR440 baud rates.
Operating temperature -10 to 65°C (14 to 149°F)
Size 2.2" x 2.9" x 0.7" (56mm x 74mm x 18mm)
Connector jack (4) Accepts 3.5mm Stereo Phone Plug

M31 Interconnect Cables

Part No. Price Description
ICM-5FT $12. Connects M31 to XR440 or M31 to next M31.
5 ft (1.5 meters)
ICE-12FT $12. Extends ICM Cable by 12 ft (3.7 meters)

M31 Multiplexer Part No.  M31  Price:  $149.


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