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Pocket Logger Software

Pocket Logger Software (free download below) is an easy-to-use Windows program for the Pace XR440 Data Logger. Use the software to quickly set the XR440 for sensor type, start and run modes, sample rate, channel labels and more.

The user can view sensor values in real-time, transfer data to computer (data logging continues without interruption), graph, export data and much more.

The software's context sensitive help includes a hardware reference manual.


Data is viewed graphically in up to four viewports. Channel data traces can be combined into a single viewport or separated as desired. Zooming is controlled by dragging the mouse over a section of the graph. Pointing the mouse at any data point displays its time stamp and value. The user can modify colors, traces displayed, trace attributes and much more. Temperatures can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Moisture readings from the TRH-100 Probe can be displayed as %RH, Wet Bulb, or Dew Point.

Data Export

Logged data may be exported in a variety of formats including tabular and comma separated values (for spreadsheet and statistical programs). You can choose to export all data points, or average any number of consecutive points. A variety of graphic formats are also available for pasting graphs into reports.

Supports XR440 and older PACE Data Loggers

Pocket Logger Software supports Pace Data Loggers shipped since 1992.

Available for free!

The full version of Pocket Logger Software is available for free download (see below).  Included in the download (a single executable file) are sample XR440 data files.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use - no learning curve.
  • Extensive graphing capabilities.
  • Data can be exported in a variety of formats.
  • Real Time 'Strip Chart'.
  • Free lifetime updates!

Pocket Logger Software may be freely copied and distributed.

Pocket Logger Software 'log32.exe'

Version 3.30

Supports Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Instructions: Once the file has been downloaded to your computer, double click 'log32.exe' to install Pocket Logger Software.

'Log32.exe' file size: 3.4 Mbytes;  Free disk space required: 12 Mbytes

Driver for USB-A Serial Adapter: USB-A Driver


Discontinued USB-01 Serial Adapter

Deprecated Pocket Logger Software for Win 95/98/2000 [exe file]

XR440 Data Logger

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