XR440 vs XR5-SE

All Pace Sensors are compatible with the XR440 and XR5-SE except the Soil Moisture Sensor and Wind Speed Sensor work only with the XR5-SE.

The XR440 Data Logger accepts Pace plug-in modules for Relative Humidity, RH & Light, additional DC voltage ranges, and DC millivolt ranges.

The XR5-SE Data Logger does not accept plug-in modules, but Scaling Cables are available to read higher voltage ranges, and millivolt ranges can be ordered as an option.

Summary of Differences

XR440 XR5-SE
Free Software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux NO (Windows only) YES
Software supports multiple graph viewports YES NO
Measurement resolution (bits)
( bits explained here )
User selectable:
8, 10 or 12 bits
12 bits
Maximum readings
( XR440 set to 12 bit resolution )
Std model: 21,504
-M model: 86,016
Std models: 63,642
-M models: 260,250
Firmware updatable by user NO YES
Communicate via Ethernet LAN NO YES with DS100 Module
Accepts Thermocouple or Millivolt signal YES with Mvt module YES with Millivolt option
Accepts Bipolar Millivolt Signals YES with Mvt"-b" module NO
Accepts Pace Plug-in Modules YES NO
Number of Analog Inputs / Input Type 4 multi-function 8 multi-function
Number of Pulse Inputs 1 (PM-1 module required) 3
Pulse Inputs, maximum count per log interval 4095 (12 bits) 16,777215 (24 bits)
Pulse Inputs, maximum rate 5 Hz 900 Hz
Log on Alarms NO YES
Log on External Trigger Once per logging session YES, unlimited re-triggering
(subject to available memory)
Incompatible Pace Sensors WSD-100
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F) -40 to 78°C (-40 to 172°F)