Pace USB-01 Drivers

The USB-01 is discontinued and has been replaced with the Pace USB-A Serial Adapter

The USB-01 has a blue housing, if your Pace Adapter has a white housing, click here.

Windows XP
USB-01 Driver Installer.exe

Windows Vista


1. Remove USB-01 from your computer.

2. Download the driver file for your computer (linked above) to any folder on your computer (example: Desktop).

3. Double click the file to run it on your computer.

4. After the installation is complete, plug the USB-01 into a USB port on your computer and follow the prompts if any screens appear.  When finished, the com port number assigned to the USB-01 may be displayed. 

5. Select this new port number in the Settings screen of Pocket Logger Software.


If the com port # did not display, use the Windows Control Panel:

Click Start | Control Panel.  Click the System icon.  Click the Hardware tab (Win XP only), click the Device Manager button, and click the "+" sign beside "Ports".  The Com port number for the USB-01 is listed as "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port".

If you plug the USB-01 into a different USB port on your computer, a new com port number assignment may display (after a short delay) above the task bar.  Select this port number in the Settings screen of Pocket Logger Software.  If a new com number does not display, use the Control Panel (see above) to view the com port #.