Frequently Asked Questions

An overview of the Pace XR450

The Pace XR450 is very similar to the discontinued XR440.

Main differences:

1) USB Interface: a generic USB-C Type Data Transfer cable is used instead of a proprietary Pace cable.

2) More accurate time clock: data sets that span months or more have less time drift.

3) 50% more power available from the E terminal to power external sensors.

All other features of the discontinued XR440 Data Logger have been retained with the exception of the Resolution setting in Pocket Logger Software, which is non-functional for the XR450. The XR450's resolution is fixed at 12 bits, and has a memory size identical to the XR440-M (86,016 readings).

Another issue to note is the software. We are currently supporting the XR450 with the same software used for the XR440 Data Logger. We are developing new software for the XR450 that will work on a number of other computer platforms. So, at the present time, Pocket Logger Software recognizes the XR450 as the XR440-M.

Compare: XR450 vs XR440

How is memory allocated in the XR450 Data Logger?

The memory is evenly divided by the number of channels you have turned ON (in the software's Setup screen)

What is the function of the XR450's 'E' terminal?

The E terminal provides 5 Vdc excitation (power) to any connected sensor that requires 5 Vdc power (for example, the TRH-100 Temperature/Humidity Probe, and all Pressure Sensors.

Can the XR450's E terminal be used to power other non-Pace sensors?

In some cases, yes.  The E terminal provides a precise 5 Vdc at a maximum current of 30 milliamps.  If you are logging at a fast sample rate (1Hz - 200Hz) the E terminal output is a constant 5 Vdc.  However, if you are logging at a standard rate (2 secs or slower), the E terminal output is pulsed for a short time just prior to the XR450 sampling its inputs (either 0.03 secs or 0.1 secs, depending on the selected Setup).  This is done to insure a long battery life.  So even if your non-Pace sensor's power requirement is less than 30 mA at 5 Vdc, it also needs a very fast "warm-up time" (0.1 second or less) in order to work with the XR450.

Does using power from the XR450's E terminal reduce battery life?

Yes, higher levels of E terminal power draw will reduce battery life. See XR450 Battery Life for details.

What happens to the XR450's battery life if Real Time Mode is constantly active?

If you use Real Time Mode constantly (24/7), battery life will be similar to the battery life when logging at a 2 second sample rate. Battery life will also depend on the connected sensors (especially if they draw power from the E terminal). See XR450 Battery Life for details.

For linear sensors, how does the XR450's High / Low scaling compare to Slope / Offset scaling?

High / Low scaling is similar to Slope / Offset scaling.  With High / Low scaling, the High value is the equivalent reading for a sensor output of 5 V, and the Low value (which is the same as the Offset value) is the equivalent sensor reading if its output is at 0 volts.

High / Low scaling can be converted to Slope / Offset Scaling as follows:

Slope = (High Value + |Low Value|) / 5

Offset = Low Value

Note: |Low Value| is the absolute value of the Low Value; if the Low Value is a negative number, simply remove the negative sign, if it is positive, use the number as it is.

Slope / Offset scaling can be converted to the XR450's High / Low scaling as follows:

High Value = ( Slope * 5 ) + Offset

Low Value = Offset

Can Pace Pressure Sensors read in any unit of pressure?

Yes. Scaling values for the default unit of pressure are usually listed in the Pocket Logger Software's Help system. Some sensors display the scaling values on the sensor, and for some sensors the Scaling Values are listed on the sensor's webpage. Scaling values can be converted to read in any desired pressure unit (bar, kPa, etc). If you are unable to locate the scaling values, please contact Pace for assistance.

A web-based calculator is provided to convert the scaling values of any Pace Pressure Sensor to read in a different unit of pressure.

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