Sensors requiring E terminal power

List of Pace Sensors that require 5 Vdc power.  When the sensor is connected to a Pace Data Logger, power is supplied by the data logger's E terminal.

Probe/Sensor Current Draw (milliamps)
Accelerometer all models 0.5
DC Series DC Current Sensor 10
DC Voltage Sensors 6
TRH-100 Temperature/Humidity Probe 0.4
Pressure Sensor - P300 Inch H2O 4.5  (series discontinued)
Pressure Sensor - P300 Absolute 3.5  (discontinued)
Pressure Sensor - P350 Series 2
Pressure Sensor - P400 Series 3.5
Pressure Sensor - P450 Series 3.5
Pressure Sensor - P500-BARO 9
Pressure Sensor - P600 Series 2
Pressure Sensor - P1600 Series 3.5
Pressure Sensor - P1650 Series 3.5
Solar Radiation Sensor 0.4

XR450 Data Logger

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XR5-SE Data Logger

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