Solar Radiation Sensor (discontinued model).  See SRS-200 for current model.

Connect directly to any XR440 or XR5-SE Data Logger.  No external power required.

SRS-100 Solar Radiation Sensor - Pace Scientific

SRS-100 Solar Radiation Sensor

Suitable for meteorological, solar energy, agricultural and botanical applications.  Measures solar irradiance from 300 to 1100 nanometers.  Some assembly is required, see Installation Guide for details.

SRS-100 Specifications

Operating Temperature -40° to 150°F (-40° to 65°C)
Measurement Range 0 to 1500 Watts per Square Meter (W/m2)
Accuracy ±5% of full scale
Drift up to ±2% per year
Temperature Coefficient 0.067% of reading / °F (0.12% / °C); negative correction above ref. temp, positive correction below ref. temp.
Reference Temperature 77°F (25°C)
Resolution with XR440 Pocket Logger (12 bit res.) 0.73 W/m2
Signal Output 0-2.5 Vdc; 1.67 mV per W/m2
Power requirement 5 Vdc (1 ma typical current draw)
Sensor Type Silicon Photodiode
Spectral Range (10% points) 400 to 1100 nanometers

Cosine Response, Percent of Reading

±3% (0° to ±70° incident angle)

±10% (±70° to ±85° incident angle)

Cosine Response, Percent of Full Scale

±2% (0° to ±90°)
Cable Length 22" (55 cm)
Cable Type 4 conductor, 26 AWG
Suggested Maximum Extension Cable Length 125 ft (38 m)
Housing Material UV-resistant plastic
Dimensions 2" x 2.75" x 2.25" (51 mm x 70 mm x 57 mm)
Weight 12 oz. (340 g)

pdf icon  SRS-100 Installation Guide

Part No: SRS-100    Domestic Price: $180.  Export Price: $198.

Note: The SRS-100's cable length is 22 inches (0.55 meters).  Cable may be extended up to 100 FT (30 meters) using 3 or 4 conductor, 22 or 24 gage stranded copper wire.  Alternately, extension cable with a weatherproof splice kit is available below.

Optional Extension Cable with Weatherproof Splice Kit

Part No. Length Domestic Export
WE-40 40 ft (12 meters) $18. $20.
WE-100 100 ft (30 meters) $40. $44.

pdf icon  Extension Cable Instructions

XR5-SE Data Logger

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XR440 Data Logger

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Current Model: SRS-200 Solar Radiation Sensor